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About Kesem at Home

Kesem at Home

Kesem at Home is a program designed to allow children impacted by a parent’s cancer the opportunity to build connections and relationships, provide avenues for self-expression and reflection, and to have fun with other kids who are going through similar experiences. This is a virtual program that brings the support of Kesem to the homes of our campers, where they will participate in interactive activities and discussions with other campers and their counselors as well as activities they can take offline to complete by themselves or with their family.  

Kesem at Home programming will be offered at both the chapter and the national level. Chapters will each have their own unique schedule and each camper will have a schedule tailored to them. Campers must apply to take part in chapter programming. Kesem at Home national programming will feature twice weekly live and recorded online activities, social media interaction, and offline activities for campers and constituents. There is no registration required for Kesem at Home national programming, visit our social media pages for more information.

New campers will join returning campers in quickly becoming part of a loving, inclusive, and supportive community—filled with peers who understand and respect each other. Being a part of this community and with other kids who are just like them is empowering, comforting, encouraging, and inspirational. Our campers will still be given some of their favorite opportunities to share in such as "Cabin Chats" (facilitated by our trained student leaders and held with others their age) and an Empowerment Ceremony, both intended to embrace the community created at Kesem at Home.

We want to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for trusting in us at this time. Thank you for dealing with ambiguity like we have never experienced. Above all—thank you for your optimism and encouragement as we embark on a new way to support our community. More than ever, the magic of Kesem must go beyond the week of camp we usually share together. We look forward to providing Kesem at Home to our families soon, and we will continue to keep you updated along the way. All of us at Kesem feel incredibly grateful for each of you. Thank you.


We strive to make accommodations for campers to make it as easy as possible to participate in our program. Families can indicate in their application a need and we will do our best to accommodate and will reach out in the weeks leading up to Kesem at Home. Campers can participate in Kesem at Home programming through a computer/tablet/smartphone, through a phone call, or through our offline activities.

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Kesem's Response to Covid 19

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Dear Kesem Community,

We all have been seeing the news about the challenges we are facing with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Many communications feel similar, yet all express the same idea: these are unique times, and communities like Camp Kesem matter now more than ever.

Camp Kesem will continue to be there for the families we support. We will be converting our in-person summer camp program to a virtual camp for our camper families. This will allow Kesem to keep our campers, camper families, student leaders, and other volunteers as safe as possible during this time. We are excited about the opportunity to introduce new and innovative ways to keep our Kesem community connected, and we will continue to build a sense of belonging and confidence over the summer. Kesem will always be here to provide families hope.

How can you support now?
You can share your ideas - we welcome your input on how we can create a magical, inclusive virtual camp program.
You can donate if you haven’t already - financial support is still needed to fund our virtual programming and provide continued support for our campers.
You can follow us on social media - we would love for you to keep up with what we are doing and continue to spread the word that Kesem will still be here for our campers.
More than ever, the magic of Kesem must go beyond the week of camp we usually have together. We look forward to providing virtual camp to our families soon, and we will keep you updated along the way. Thank you for your ongoing support. Camp Kesem will shine on.

With gratitude,
Your Kesem Family