Camp Kesem at The University of Michigan

Camp Kesem at The University of Michigan

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Camp Kesem at The University of Michigan
Camp Kesem at The University of Michigan

Important Dates

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Camp Sessions

Week 1 Session
8/2/2020 - 8/7/2020

10407 N Fenton Rd, Fenton, MI 48430

Week 2 Session
8/10/2020 - 8/15/2020

10407 N Fenton Rd, Fenton, MI 48430

Week 3 Session

Friends + Family Days

Fall Friends + Family Day


Please contact us for more details!

Spring Friends + Family Day


Please contact us for more details!

Make the Magic

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

The Michigan League

911 North University Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI

Tickets Available

Meet the Team

Gabriel 'Barnacle Boy' Kardia: My favorite Kesem memory is every week of camp watching the lip sync battle on the last night, everyone is together and trying to give and get every last bit of Kesem love before we all part ways.

Chelsea 'Birch' Yu: My favorite Kesem memories are those of the lip sync battles we hold every year at camp. I love seeing our campers and counselors working together through the week to come up with awesome dances and to see their energy and excitement on stage.

Alexis 'Zoboomafoo' Smith: Zoboomafoo is very excited to work with Sparrow and the rest of coord board to make camp the best it can be. At camp, she loves cabin chats, messy games, and getting to know all of the campers!

Anabel 'Sparrow' Sicko: Some of my favorite memories at camp have been at the reptile house - I love seeing campers break out of their comfort zones by holding snakes and lizards! I also love singing camp songs with the whole camp.

Ryan 'Flipper' Chapman: I am super excited for the opportunity to create new fundraisers and raise as much money as possible to help spread as much CK Love as possible. Messy games was my favorite memory from my first year of camp and I will never forget it!

Sophia 'Armadillo' Mai: Sophia “Armadillo” Mai is a senior studying Industrial Operations Engineering and CS. This is her 3rd year in Kesem and she is so excited to work on Development! Her favorite part of camp is song circle and the unconditional CK love everyone shares!

Annaka "Roz" Saari: In the coming year, Roz is looking forward to completing her third year as a development coordinator, welcoming more members to her Kesem family, continuing to annoy CK-Michigan alumni Fry, Chalupa, and Onion with her friendship, and graduating!

Alex 'Crunch' Cooke: Having worked with the youngest units the past two years, my favorite part of camp is watching new campers get to know each other for the first time and lay the foundations for lifelong friendships.

William 'Nine-Nine' Overland: I am looking forward to putting on Michigan's most successful Make the Magic ever so we can provide even more programming and services to our wonderful campers!

Soha 'Lala' Vaziri: Soha “Lala” Vaziri is a junior studying Public Health and Economics. This past summer was her first year at camp, but she's already missing singing and dancing with her Blue Unit campers. Lala is super excited to plan camp this year!

Liliana 'Green Bean' Gorsuch: Liliana “Green Bean” Gorsuch is so excited to spend a second year serving as an operations coordinator! She can’t wait to create another year of Kesem Magic and make friendship bracelets with her campers!

Jesse 'Goose' Deucher: My favorite Kesem memory is all the years of Messy Games I've gotten to be part of. I love seeing all the campers and counselors come together as an entire camp and be silly for a whole hour of crazy fun!

Asavari 'Ariel' Rajpurkar: My favorite Kesem memory was when I got to witness my shy, first time campers completely rock out during our lip sync battle on the last day of camp!

Megan 'Gizmo' Quayle: My favorite Kesem memory would definitely have to be our choreographed camp lip syncs! Every year, campers and counselors alike anticipate the reveal of what our new song will be and everyone has so much fun learning and performing each new dance!

Carly 'Wiggle' Martin: Wiggle loves watching her campers come together throughout the week of camp as they get to know each other. Her favorite parts of camp are messy games, the affirmation ceremony, and the all-camp night activities.

Sevrin 'Tupperware' Williams: My favorite memory at camp is a culmination of all the conversations that I had or heard from my campers. Some of the ideas that come from their heads are 1) insightful, 2) creative, 3) hilarious, and/or some combination of those characteristics.

Zachary 'Cheese Curd' Hampel: I am excited to have a more involved role in Kesem as a first-time Volunteer Coordinator, and I can't wait to welcome new counselors and volunteers into our Kesem family!

Lauren 'Air Bud' VanderZyden: My favorite part of camp is seeing the deep bond that campers form while they provide one another with a community of unconditional love and support. I'm looking forward to messy games this year!

Tyler 'Seahorse' Newquist: My favorite Kesem memory is swimming in the lake with my campers! Also the dining hall food is amazing after a long day of doing awesome camp activities.

Our Supporters

In addition to the year-round support, services, and training we receive from Kesem National,
we are grateful to those who provide support to our local Camp Kesem chapter including:

Camp Kesem at The University of Michigan

Our Advisory Board who provides ongoing guidance to our chapter’s leadership team.

Camp Kesem at The University of Michigan

Our corporate and foundation donors who provide critical resources to help fund the services we deliver locally.

Camp Kesem at The University of Michigan

The many retail and service providers who offer in-kind support for our summer camp as well as many or our year-round services.

Camp Kesem at The University of Michigan

Countless individuals – including our families and friends who honor our commitment to Camp Kesem with their financial support and unwavering encouragement.

Community Partners

Walk with Sally

Kling Family Foundation

Nationwide Community

How Kesem National Supports This Chapter

Kesem’s national staff of over 30 professionals is involved in all aspects of establishing and supporting each of our 100+ chapters nationwide as well as the training and oversight of all college student leaders. Our leadership program has been developed over the last 17 years and, while both rigorous and demanding, is focused on providing the highest level of support, service and safety for the children who participate in our programs.

The Kesem Program Director for this chapter (see below) is involved in all aspects of camp and our additional services. While your local student leaders are your primary contact for questions, you are also welcome and encouraged to contact their Program Director with other specific questions.

Walk with Sally

Meet This Chapter's Program Director

Kofi Bonsu, Regional Program Director –
Kofi Bonsu, Regional Program Director –

Kofi joined the Kesem National team in April 2019 as a Regional Program Director. He first became involved with Camp Kesem while attending the University of California, Irvine in 2015. Driven and excited by an opportunity to serve others who have also been affected by a parent's cancer, he served as an Operations Coordinator before becoming a Chapter Co-Director the following year. After graduating in 2017, he was blessed with an opportunity to continue serving the chapter as a CIT Counselor. Previously, he has also worked in higher education counseling, non-profit educational media, as well as with fostered, minority, underserved and underrepresented, youth populations. He hopes to do his part to help Kesem Magic spread so that no child ever has to go through cancer alone! Kofi is originally from San Diego, California and will be relocating to Chicago, Illinois.

Through and Beyond Support Services

Kesem Through and Beyond Support

Our free year-round services provide children impacted by a parent's cancer a continuum of touchpoints throughout the year.

Camp Kesem

Kesem's flagship program operates over 100 free summer camps in 40 states for children ages 6 to 18 who have been impacted by a parent's cancer.

Warm Welcome

Kesem's care package program that immediately includes all families into our greater community in a personal, supportive manner.

Friends + Family Day

Regular gatherings for existing and interested camper families, alumni, supporters and Kesem student leaders for a day of community building.

Kesem Connections

Provides Kesem families with regular updates including important deadlines and events.

Kesem By Your Side

Provides customized support for children through the many challenges associated with a parent or guardian's cancer journey.

Special Deliveries

Provides all children with personalized greetings–delivered by either traditional or electronic mail.

Online Resources

Provides online access to topical resources–including publications, books, organizations and resources.