Camp Kesem at UC San Diego

Camp Kesem at UC San Diego

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Camp Kesem at UC San Diego
Camp Kesem at UC San Diego

Important Dates

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Camp Sessions

Week 1 Session
6/16/2020 - 6/21/2020

2 Irvine Park Rd, Orange, CA 92869

Week 2 Session
8/3/2020 - 8/8/2020

2 Irvine Park Rd, Orange, CA 92869

Week 3 Session

Friends + Family Days

Fall Friends + Family Day


Please contact us for more details!

Spring Friends + Family Day

Please contact us for more details!

Make the Magic

Saturday, February 8th, 2020

Seaside Room, 1970 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA

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Meet the Team

Mariam 'Matcha' Zafar-Khan: Last year, when I was operations coordinator it was a super busy time as expected. During the last day an older camp that I hardly spoke to wrote me a note thanking me specifically for everything that I did for camp. He also made me a bracelet!

Krystine 'Olive' Bernas: My favorite Kesem memory is golden hour and s'mores my very first year of camp. I also LOVE the last dance every single year.

Callyn 'Persephone' Histed: My favorite Kesem memory was when two Purple campers asked another counselor and I to roll down the hill with them one evening during free time. It was so awesome getting to see the girls so happy and just being kids again.

Samantha 'Noodles ' Lluncor : My favorite KESEM memory has to be the time my green unit won KESEM extravaganza, more than half of our unit were new campers and this win really brought us together!

Noah 'Champ' Hoang: My favorite CK memory is being Unit Leader for Blue Unit and witnessing the kids open to not only to us counselors but also to each other.

Ford 'Turtle' Lane: My favorite Kesem memory was when my campers dressed me up and made a dance routine for Extravaganza!

Maryam 'Croissant' Alkhayyat: My favorite memory was when my 7 year old campers and I ran into a grass field with the water sprinklers on during golden hour. The kids started spinning around and screaming "I LOVE CAMP KESEM" from the top of their lungs with the biggest smiles.

Amiet 'Juniper' Scheidegger: I am looking forward to being more involved in Camp Kesem this year and to having the opportunity to spend my time and effort planning a huge event that will benefit a cause I am so passionate for!

Branden 'Bear' Lee: Being a human canvas for my campers is always fun, but I bet my skin doesn't appreciate all the marker and makeup.

Devan 'Falcon' Nguyen: My favorite memory this past year is when my campers from last year realized that I couldn't be in their unit because I was on admin, they left a cup for the morning wake up calls that said "Hi Falcon" when I entered the room!

Emily 'Junebug' Lara: My favorite camp memory is singing Riptide with my unit in while looking at the stars and being surrounded by all my kiddos.

Sarah 'Sunrise' Sodeika: I am looking forward to meeting new campers and families as well as seeing our returners!!

Simran 'Daisy' Bhakta: My favorite Kesem memory was last summer when Rey (my little ray of sunshine) grabbed my hand and jumped up to play the egg paint game with me at counselor initiation. I was so happy to see her so excited!! (no matter how much paint was in my hair!)

Michael 'Otter' Bassett: One of many, many highlights was a simple one. It was free select at sunset and a huge group of kids and counselors were playing soccer. Everybody had a smile on their face, you could tell nobody had a single care in the world besides that moment.

Jennifer 'Stripes' Guerrero: My favorite Kesem memory is teaching my green kiddos how to snap during cabin chat

Selena 'Pivot' Do: My favorite Kesem memory was seeing my Teal kiddos bond/take care of the little Purps at every meal time or free time we had at camp.

Our Supporters

In addition to the year-round support, services, and training we receive from Kesem National,
we are grateful to those who provide support to our local Camp Kesem chapter including:

Camp Kesem at UC San Diego

Our Advisory Board who provides ongoing guidance to our chapter’s leadership team.

Camp Kesem at UC San Diego

Our corporate and foundation donors who provide critical resources to help fund the services we deliver locally.

Camp Kesem at UC San Diego

The many retail and service providers who offer in-kind support for our summer camp as well as many or our year-round services.

Camp Kesem at UC San Diego

Countless individuals – including our families and friends who honor our commitment to Camp Kesem with their financial support and unwavering encouragement.

Community Partners

Walk with Sally

Kling Family Foundation

Nationwide Community

How Kesem National Supports This Chapter

Kesem’s national staff of over 30 professionals is involved in all aspects of establishing and supporting each of our 100+ chapters nationwide as well as the training and oversight of all college student leaders. Our leadership program has been developed over the last 17 years and, while both rigorous and demanding, is focused on providing the highest level of support, service and safety for the children who participate in our programs.

The Kesem Program Director for this chapter (see below) is involved in all aspects of camp and our additional services. While your local student leaders are your primary contact for questions, you are also welcome and encouraged to contact their Program Director with other specific questions.

Walk with Sally

Meet This Chapter's Program Director

Brittani Hammer, Regional Program Director –
Brittani Hammer, Regional Program Director –

Brittani joined the Camp Kesem National team in 2017 as a Regional Program Director. She first became involved with Camp Kesem in 2012 as a counselor and continued on to become a Development Coordinator and Co-Director. Brittani loved volunteering as a part of Camp Kesem where she was able to apply concepts she had studied in the classroom and make an impact in the community. She graduated from Brigham Young University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and a minor in Nonprofit Management. She is from Lakeport, California and currently resides in Orem, Utah.

Through and Beyond Support Services

Kesem Through and Beyond Support

Our free year-round services provide children impacted by a parent's cancer a continuum of touchpoints throughout the year.

Camp Kesem

Kesem's flagship program operates over 100 free summer camps in 40 states for children ages 6 to 18 who have been impacted by a parent's cancer.

Warm Welcome

Kesem's care package program that immediately includes all families into our greater community in a personal, supportive manner.

Friends + Family Day

Regular gatherings for existing and interested camper families, alumni, supporters and Kesem student leaders for a day of community building.

Kesem Connections

Provides Kesem families with regular updates including important deadlines and events.

Kesem By Your Side

Provides customized support for children through the many challenges associated with a parent or guardian's cancer journey.

Special Deliveries

Provides all children with personalized greetings–delivered by either traditional or electronic mail.

Online Resources

Provides online access to topical resources–including publications, books, organizations and resources.