Kesem at Home

Our Kesem at Home camper application for summer 2021 is now open for children (ages 6-18) impacted by a parent’s cancer nationwide! Apply to join us here.

Please visit our Kesem Central support page for additional instruction and assistance in completing this application. If you would like to receive more information about Kesem and our year-round programs, please give us a call at (253) 736-3821 or contact us by email at, and you will hear from a team member within 5 business days. 

We look forward to sharing another magical summer together!

Click here to read our response to Covid 19

Kesem at Home is a program designed to allow children impacted by a parent’s cancer the opportunity to build connections and relationships, provide avenues for self-expression and reflection, and to have fun with other kids who are going through similar experiences. 

This is a remote program that brings the support of Kesem to the homes of our campers, where they will participate in interactive activities and discussions with other campers and their counselors, as well as activities they can take offline to complete by themselves or with their family.   

Kesem at Home will include a unique schedule entirely planned, developed and led by the chapter's student leaders. Each camper can participate in as many or as few activities as they choose. Campers must apply to take part in chapter programming.  

Piloted in 2020 in response to COVID-19, Kesem served over 8,600 children across the country at 140+ sessions of Kesem at Home. As we prepare for another successful summer of Kesem at Home, we are excited to share the impact that this program has on those who attend:

  • 99% of families reported their child(ren) was/were safe during Kesem at Home
  • 97% of families would recommend Kesem at Home to other families affected by cancer
  • 97% of families felt that Kesem at Home had a positive impact on their family
  • 96% of families reported their child(ren) had fun during Kesem at Home
  • 96% of families reported that their child(ren) felt included during Kesem at Home
  • 95% of parents intend to send their child(ren) back to Kesem next summer

For a sneak peak into Kesem at Home, check out our Kesem at Home 2020 recap video here!


We strive to make accommodations for campers to make it as easy as possible to participate in our program. Families can indicate in their application a need and we will do our best to accommodate and will reach out in the weeks leading up to Kesem at Home. Campers can participate in Kesem at Home programming through a computer/tablet/smartphone, through a phone call, or through our offline activities.

Download a one-sheeter with more details about the program in
English or Spanish.

Kesem at Home Chapter Programming


As part of their unique schedules, chapters will be hosting at least 3 programs per day. The schedule for the week will be shared with families in advance, and each program is optional - campers can participate in as much or as little of the program as they choose. If your camper is unavailable in the morning, but available in the afternoon or evening, we invite them to participate in the activities that they are able to join. 

Chapter schedules will consist of both “broadcast” and “interactive” activities. Broadcast activities can be watched or listened to, live or at any time; interactive activities will be offered live, and will include things like free selects (crafts, dance, skits, etc.), cabin chat, and an Empowerment Ceremony.

See below for an example daily schedule for Kesem at Home.

Kesem at Home Example Daily Schedule
Blue Unit
Green Unit
Orange Unit (TLP)
9:30 AM
All Group Programming: Warm Welcome
Broadcast (Facebook/Instagram)
30 minutes
10:00 AM
10:30 AM
Small Group Interactive
30 minutes
11:00 AM
11:30 AM
DIY Flag Making
Small Group/Offline
30 minutes
Getting to Know You
Small Group/Offline
30 minutes
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
Cabin Chat
Small Group/Offline
30 minutes
2:00 PM
Cabin Chat
Small Group/Offline
30 minutes
3:00 PM
Cabin Chat
Small Group/Offline
30 minutes
6:00 PM
All Group Programming: Watercolor Painting
Large Group Interactive/Offline
60 minutes

Each camper will also receive a special Kesem at Home Kit in the mail. Our Kesem at Home Kits are care packages prepared by student leaders that supplies for the week of Kesem at Home. 

You will receive more communications and information directly from your chapter about their Kesem at Home programming.

If Currently Registered

If your child already registered for our traditional summer camp, but hasn’t opted into Kesem at Home (e.g. updated their application), follow the below instructions...

Go to and login to your Kesem Central account
Once logged in, select My Applications from the navigation menu
Select Update next to your child(ren)’s name to provide this information (repeat this step for each child)

If Not Currently Registered

If this is your first time registering with Kesem...

Select “Pick a Camp” to begin the registration process
Once you select a camp click “Sign Up” to register

Kesem at Home Safety Measures


Kesem's Response to Covid 19

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FAQ Question Icon
What other resources are out there for families?
Please see our Kesem Community COVID-19 Resource List, which is full of nationwide resources for our community that might be helpful during this time. Resources include assistance with accessing internet/computers/phones, food assistance, support for children, and more.
FAQ Question Icon
My camper is a high school senior - how can they participate in Camp Kesem next year?
Spring and Summer 2020 look a little different than we all imagined, and for our seniors in particular, there were many cancelled, postponed, or now-virtual events - graduation parties and ceremonies, prom, senior trips, and camp. We understand that the last year before becoming a counselor is a very special one for our LITs, and we are excited to share a new program for Summer 2021 only - TLP+ (Teen Leadership Program +).

This is an optional program for our LITs who graduated in 2020 and were unable to spend their last summer as an LIT in person with their Camp Kesem family. Like every year, these LITs are eligible to apply to become a counselor instead of participating in TLP+, the choice will be up to them, but they cannot be both an LIT and a counselor. More information on guidelines for this program will be coming Winter 2020 during camper registration.
FAQ Question Icon
What safety precautions should we be taking?
Camp Kesem has been working with Zoom to ensure that our platform has the most up to date safety settings to keep your campers safe. Beyond Zoom there are some additional online safety reminders Camp Kesem staff would like to share with you in this video - see the Spanish version here.
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What sort of accommodations are you making?
For families without internet access, we will be offering Kesem at Home programming by phone, and all campers will receive a Kesem at Home Kit, with activities they can complete offline. Computer and internet access is not required for participation. We will also continue to offer translation, including American Sign Language (ASL), for any participants who need or request these services.
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What if current events come up during Kesem at Home regarding racial injustice and protests?
At Kesem, we aim to create a community where everyone feels seen and valued. We stand in solidarity with the Black community, and all others who are personally impacted by these events across the country. We will be providing additional training to our student leaders on how to respond to conversations that may come up during Kesem at Home, and how to proactively affirm Black and POC (People of Color) campers.

FAQs (En Español)

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¿Qué otros recursos se ofrecen a las familias?
Por favor, consulta nuestra Lista de Recursos de la Comunidad de Kesem para la COVID-19, que está repleta de recursos a escala nacional para nuestra comunidad que podrían servirte de ayuda en estos momentos. Los recursos incluyen asistencia para acceder a Internet, computadoras y teléfonos, asistencia alimentaria, apoyo para niños y mucho más.
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Mi campista es estudiante de último año de secundaria, ¿cómo puede participar en El Campamento de Kesem el próximo año?
La primavera y el verano de 2020 son un poco distintos de lo que imaginábamos, y para nuestros estudiantes de último año en particular, muchos eventos se cancelaron, pospusieron o celebraron virtualmente, como fiestas y ceremonias de graduación, baile de graduación, viajes para estudiantes de último año y campamentos. Entendemos que el último año antes de ser consejero es muy especial para nuestros LIT, por lo que nos complace compartir un nuevo programa para el verano de 2021: TLP+ (Teen Leadership Program +).

Se trata de un programa opcional para nuestros LIT que se graduaron en 2020 y no pudieron pasar su último verano como LIT en persona con su familia de El Campamento de Kesem. Como cada año, los LIT pueden aplicar para ser consejeros en vez de participar en TLP+, la elección dependerá de ellos, ya que no pueden ser LIT y consejero a la vez. En invierno de 2020, al momento de la inscripción de los campistas, habrá más información sobre las directrices de este programa.
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¿Qué precauciones de seguridad debemos tomar?
El Campamento de Kesem ha estado trabajando con Zoom para garantizar que nuestra plataforma disponga de los ajustes de seguridad más actualizados a fin de proteger a los campistas. Además de Zoom, ofrecemos recordatorios adicionales de seguridad en línea que el personal de El campamento de Kesem desea compartir contigo en este vídeo: ve la versión en español aquí.
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¿Qué tipo de acomodaciones están preparando?
Para las familias sin acceso a Internet, ofreceremos una programación de Kesem en Casa por teléfono, y todos los campistas recibirán un kit de Kesem en Casa que contiene actividades que pueden realizarse sin conexión. El acceso a la computadora e Internet no es necesario para participar. También seguiremos ofreciendo traducciones, incluida la lengua de signos americana, para cualquier participante que lo necesite.
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¿Qué sucede si los eventos actuales surgen durante Kesem en Casa con respecto a la injusticia racial y las protestas?
En Kesem, tenemos la meta de crear una comunidad donde todos se sienten vistos y valorados. Nos unimos en solidaridad con la comunidad negra y todos los que han sido impactados personalmente por los eventos a través del país. Estaremos dando capacitaciones adicionales a nuestros líderes estudiantiles acerca de como responder durante conversaciones que pueden surgir durante Kesem en Casa y acerca de como afirmar a nuestros campistas negros y POC (Personas de Color) de manera proactiva.